Islamic Business precious metal investment products Mining Corporation of the public interest because its value is relatively stable and do not experience shrinkage.

Perum Pegadaian Liaison Office of Central Java-Yogyakarta XII Ambardhi murabaha say investing in precious metals, which was launched since November 2008 to August 2009 reached record sales of 6230 grams or 6.23 kg.

According to him, the main factor driving this interest is the product of investment in the form of 24 carat gold plate and a certificate of Perum Pegadaian precious metals. With the certificate of ownership is noble product can easily resold or pledged, while the value is not diminished and follow the world price of gold.

In addition, the purchase of precious products Perum Pegadaian can be done either by cash or credit, with the provision of pieces / slabs varied, covering 5 gr, 10 gr, 25 gr, 50 gr and 100 gr, 250 gr and 1 kg.

“Investing in precious metals are considered more profitable for resale value is relatively high compared with other types of investments, and price fluctuations that follow the market,” he told Business.

Ambardhi tells the noble product sales Perum Pegadaian includes 18 outlets in Central Java-Yogyakarta area is still dominated by pieces 10 grams, 250 grams while the puck and not sold 1kg.

Office of the Data Mining Corporation of Central Java-Yogyakarta XII shows the noble product sales during November 2008-August 2009 include 10 grams of gold plates sold 129 copies, 5 grams sold 78 pieces, 25 gr sold 74 pieces, 50 gr sold 28 copies and sold 100 grams 13 pieces

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